Friday, May 29, 2015

Quick! Some takes! Probably about 7! Definitely 7!

Here we go:

1. I love the Google Doodles. I do. But when the actual Google logo gives me pause... maybe you should dial them back a bit. Seriously. I looked at this for a good 3 minutes the other day before agreeing that it was the actual Google logo. I thought it was a throwback or vintage version.

2. Since I had letter S this week I picked to read a few different Frog and Toad stories so we could talk about Snails, Seeds and Sleds. We water colored snails, planted sunflower seeds and decorated cardboard sleds before "sliding" down the S. (Painters tape in a giant S on the floor.) Rounding out with Strawberries and Sun Chips for snack. It was a fantastic S day.

3. C got a trike from my parents. I put it together all by myself. He is nearly there as far as just taking off. He can pedal but only real slowly at this point. He also got a license plate and a helmet. I think he's pretty cute riding it.

4. I didn't know these existed before his party but they have Minion Pillsbury Sugar Cookies. I have the fondest memories of these cookies when I was a kid. Back when they came in a tube with little notches of where to cut. I am happy to pass on the joy. The Minion Movie comes out in about a month now. We're loving the branded products.

5. The other night M decided bedtime was optional so she hung out with that baby in the mirror and Mom and Dad for a while. But then proceeded to sleep until 6:00 am without waking so... okay then. 

6.. Since I never posted a 7 month picture, here it is:

7. She only looks bald. She actually has long flowing locks. If by flowing you mean the wind can move it. On the top. 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Very Minion Birthday!

My big guy turned 3 on Tuesday! Tuesday is one of our normal preschool days and we had previously worked it out so we would host on his birthday for a small party. We had the letter S and the idea was to do Silly Minions and S is for Swim. 

But after a beautiful Memorial Day, Tuesday morning was a rainy mess. It down-poured at the exact start of the party. But we had backup plans galore! We started with a Silly Minion  craft which was kind of like Mr. Potato Head on paper. 


It went pretty darn well I think. Even though 4 out of 6 kids really don't know anything about Minions they still enjoyed picking out what theirs would look like. 

During the party we were pretty busy so we don't have any pictures of the other activities. But we also read 2 stories about birthdays/parties. We played with yellow and blue spaghetti noodles with spoons to find sea creatures. (It was still somewhat S themed too remember.) We had a dance party with balloons and then also played hot potato with the bananagrams banana. Because, as you may know, Minions love bananas. 

Then it was time for snack. I am SO SO glad I stuck to my guns and planned "preschool snack" and not "party food." Sure we gussied up the table more than normal but we still kept it pretty darn low key with a little bit of party fare. We had: Minion shaped Cheese Nips, Bananas and Minion Brownie Bites.

There were also juice boxes and bottled water as beverage choices. Because Edith has a juice box when she get's to Gru's house.

Just a box of brownie mix baked in a mini muffin pan. (and a few regular sized too) Frosted and then given a mini-marshmallow eye with a mini chocolate chip. They were really inexpensive, easy  to make and tasty!!

The local cheap grocery store brand bottled water just happens to have blue and yellow labels as a happy coincidence. It's where we shop anyway but I think it pulled the table together even more.

The big stuffed animal Minion was holding the treat bag bucket. You can kind of just make it out behind the bah nan ahs! sign.

I am not even kidding when I say literally, as the last guest was getting into their car, the sun came out. So after a lunch and a rest we made good on the chance for the birthday boy to swim. He just loves the water!

We had a pizza party dinner and of course a Minion Cake! He loved his cake and did a really good job blowing out his 3 candle. 

It was a WONDERFUL day spent with family and friends. We were so excited to celebrate our C. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How Did He Get So Big?

My little boy turned three today. I snuck into his room right at 1:20 like I always do to take his picture.

I will probably continue this until it becomes too creepy but I love it.

We have a low key "party" for school today with a bonus 2 friends. Then other fun things to celebrate my newly minted three year old.

I love you little boy! I love being your mommy and I can't wait to watch you continue to learn and grow.

Friday, May 22, 2015

7 Real Quicks and a Short Dialogue

7 Quick Things About My 7 Month Old

  1. Somehow another month has passed and she is actually 7 months old! 
  2. She can crawl. 
  3. She can pull herself up with a 98% success rate. (With the very beginnings of cruising.)
  4. She can get herself down from standing with a 75% success rate. (And climbing.)
  5. Loves to eat real food. (Sweet Potatoes, Peaches, Pears, Peas, Oatmeal) 
  6. No teeth. Which drastically hinders #5 and her choices.
  7. If there is paper on the floor she will find it and eat it. She has a sixth sense about this. 
And then because those were quick and I haven't got any pictures of her for you yet, I give you this funny exchange from my nearly 3 year old. (And expect a post about THAT in the very very near future.)

Back story: C doesn't really eat much meat. Occasionally a cheeseburger. We have been trying to coax him into trying more kinds of meat.

Sunday night before bed we were reading his tiger book and it was talking about how much meat a tiger eats. And that tigers like to eat wild pigs.

Me: Maybe tomorrow you would like to eat a tiger dinner? We could have tiger meat called pulled pork sandwiches. What do you think?

C: Maybe Tigers eat pizza?

Happy Weekend friends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring: Hot and Cold.

I am pretty sure that I annually write about how I don't really like spring because of the crazy weather swings. Well... I don't. It was HOT this weekend. Humid as all heck and in the 80s. Perfect for running through the sprinkler. So we did just that.

I don't think we ran through the sprinkler once last summer so it was basically a new experience for C and he thought it was pretty great. My boy loves playing in water. Fingers crossed that swim lessons go well! (The pool part I am not worried about, the listening and not just wanting to play part is where it could be sketchy.)

Don't let M's happy face fool you. She thought the sprinkler was akin to acid rain. But she sure liked watching! And she looked cute in her swim suit too. I am glad I didn't waste a swim diaper on her though as I kind of expected her distaste for the cold water. I bet her swim lessons go great though because she loves warm water and her daddy!

Yesterday in the early morning the weather got colder. Which was a welcome relief because we were in sweatball gross sleep. I refused to turn on the air conditioner because I knew it would get cold again but boy was I tempted.

Today it got even colder. Which is still fine. I would much rather be cold than hot. Truly. But now I am asked if we "can run through the water" every ten minutes.

Here's to hoping that the weather figures it out before this weekend (and next Tuesday) because I have plans and I would like it to be nice out for them! So you hear that Mother Nature? Figure it out.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Impromptu Family Fun Day!

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. So we went on an impromptu family fun trip to the John Deere Pavilion. The JDP is a free museum where you can look at what John Deere has to offer, history of the company, kids activities, informative facts and videos and equipment you can get into. It's practically Heaven on Earth to little boys.

Driving a tractor!
Driving a bulldozer. It was really one of the highlights on the trip, he was a big big fan. I got to go up into this one with him. He pushed every button and even buckled his seat belt. 

It was so big. Here he is in the scoop! 

Another tractor. Most definitely a less expensive one but still fun to fake drive. 

The best I could do getting a picture of them in a tractor wheel. Neither would look at me and C wouldn't make sure M would stay in so... adult hands. But they're smiling so we'll go with it. Just keeping it real here!

Another Bulldozer.

A girl on a combine wheel. The combine is HUGE. I did take pictures on C driving that one but because of the windows it was all back lit and basically look like nothing. But trust me, it's huge!!

This is my new goal in life. It is the John Deere Tango. I have always always always wanted a Roomba vacuum but this is 100% cooler. It automatically mows your lawn. Let me repeat that... it automatically mows your lawn. 

And because it is installed by Deere into your lawn with a PIN code, it is useless to a thief and would not work. I want one of these puppies so much. But they are only available in Europe currently. Boo. One day, I am going to get one though. Mark my words. 

While we were there we also played in the kid area with toy tractors and animals. We also got to plant flower seeds to take home with us! The JDP is definitely a perk of living close to John Deere Headquarters! We hit the store on the way out and that was certainly fun too. 

After we left the fun world of the "tractor museum" we went to a fun family lunch at Red Robin. We rarely go out to a restaurant so it was a real treat. In fact we're pretty sure it was M's first time going to one! It was a pretty good experience, our waitress was clearly new but it all worked out okay. 

Balloons in hand we headed home for nap time. Then watched "the horses running in a circle" better known as The Preakness. M's horse won this race too so we've got a Triple Crown contender folks! 

Then the rest of our evening proceeded as normal for us but it was a solidly fun day! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Throw Back Thursday way back when (Saturday) my boy found a walrus sweet potato at the grocery store. 

It pretty much made his day.What did not make his day was when I turned it into baby food. But we have this picture to fondly remember "Potato Walrus."