Friday, February 5, 2016

7QT: Randoms as Always

one. Have you seen this?

It cracks me up even though I have started to care and even enjoy football over the past seasons. I am totally pro-Panthers winning but have you seen this video? 

I cried. Which is embarrassing. But I did. It's sweet. And really well done. Like impressively well done. 

two. In M news we are so enjoying our special girl time when C is at school, when it's not at our house of course. While I mourned the loss of the morning nap, it is fun to get to have some one on one time with her. We read stories. Practice coloring. (And crayon eating.) Sing songs and dance. It's really nice.

three. Yesterday I was prepping dinner during our special time and she was "helping" by stealing my hat and eating her Alphabits.

She ran out and so she helped herself to some more. 

It wasn't a big deal. I was standing right there and caught the bag with about half left. Unfortunately the box was pretty full since I bought them for a school activity we did last time I hosted school

four. In the C world, he said some hilarious things. We were discussing Washington DC and he said "I want to go to Washington ABC too." Also when he went grocery shopping with his dad last weekend he saw the cash in Husband's wallet. "An "A-ham" Lincoln and George Washington! You have 6 money!"

five. We got some penguin books this week: Pierre the Penguin, Penguin ABCs and Tacky the Penguin. My guy is pretty much in heaven. My friend sent me a link from Pinterest and he even thanked her for it today at art class. It was so sweet! He loves animal books.

six. So because apparently it's the thing now, I decided to watch an episode of Fixer Upper. I honestly expected to hate it. Because all the bloggers love it. And all the bloggers also love Downton Abbey which bores me to tears. But I do love Fixer Upper. Chip and Jojo are like the most real-life nice television personalities, I just love them.

seven. So obviously there's been talk of pushing out a wall at our house, making it a breakfast bar/more counter, moving the fridge and dishwasher etc. And while that's all swell and good, I would kill to just paint the ceiling and walls of our living room and add the new crown molding we've been talking about doing for a long time. But we'll see.

Have a super weekend! Linking up with Kelly.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy February 4th!

*Cue the banjo* 

"We were both young, when I first saw you..." Oh T.Swift you pretty much rock. The growth. The catchiness. But this isn't about you today. 

I know we aren't the only couple on the planet to celebrate dating anniversaries. Looking at you Hafsa! Let's be real here for a minute though, the first year of our relationship was messy and collegey. I was 19 and I was his first girlfriend ever. We did a lot of growing.

But we stuck it out. 

And just like that, it's been ten years of official togetherness. Since the psuedo-dating friendship before February 4, 2006 does not count.

This picture is from February 6 but is the closest thing I have to a picture of the 4th. God bless the early years of Facebook and having to hook your camera up to your computer with a cord or pay a lot of money to rescue the pictures off of your camera flip phone. It's legitimately great that not every moment of that time has been recorded for all to visualize. 

The poor 19 year olds of today are going to have a picture of every single day with their future husband... but I for one am glad there's a few in there I can just let go. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

So I Joined Scentsy Yesterday

Well I did it! I decided to become a Scentsy consultant. I could give you the whole spiel about why but let's sum it up as a why not? There wasn't anything to lose and everything to gain. So I did it.

I solemnly swear right here and now to not beat you over the head with Scentsy stuff. I love the blog world and have no intention of become that annoying person who's always just out to sell stuff or has all.the.sponsored.posts. But I will probably post occasionally and make it really obvious so you don't have to click in if you aren't interested.

I did post a link in my side bar that I will leave up all the time so it's easy to find. If you are ever in the market for a warmer, wax, scented products, stuffed animals, bath products or nicely scented cleaning products I would be honored to be your consultant. I can also help you with fundraisers, gifts, or hosting a party. It does not matter how far away you live, thank you internet. I can help you host an online party or a Facebook party and help you earn all sorts of hostess rewards if that is at all appealing to you.

Right now the February warmer of the month is called Wellies. It is adorable. There is always a warmer and scent of the month and they are always 10% in that month. I honestly am usually underwhelmed with the warmers of the month, they're usually really holiday specific, but this one I just can't get over. It makes me want to completely redo M's room in a different color palette.

Also brand new and super cute is this little Scentsy Buddy. His name is Eggmund. 

The buddies are limited time stuffed animals and they have a zippered pouch for a scent pak. (Satchels.) Each buddy comes with one scent pak of your choosing. He would be a great Easter basket addition. It seems crazy we're already talking about Easter baskets but you look at the calendar and oh hey, yeah that's Lent next week! 

If you have any questions at all, I am here to help. I LOVE talking about the different scents and products. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Caucus Day!

Well it's my favorite day of the (Presidential election) year, caucus day. The day when people around the country stop and watch what myself and other's in my state choose to do with our vote. If you can call it that.

As I said on Friday, the caucus is a flawed system to be sure. Especially for the Democrats. That's just madness. When they meet, they vote over and over again until people reach a consensus. I'm totally serious. The Republican caucus, which is held in a completely different location picked by the party, at least just do a straw poll.

But I digress. While normally I take to comments like this:

For today at least, I am going to hide under a rock because it's kind of hard reading person after person who is angry that we are first and somehow wield so much even though we're: predominately white, Christian, out of touch or insert whatever issue you take with us here. 

As it happens, it kind of really sucks to be first. Other than the fact that you could literally see the next President of the United States many times because everyone comes to town, it's kind of annoying. When most people were annoyed that Christmas commercials started after Halloween, we were getting deep in the trenches of political ads. 

And it all ends tonight. When all the counts are in and we're either celebrated for finally picking someone good or ridiculed because we didn't. Then the ones who aren't picked will point to the fact that Iowa tends to not pick the eventual nominee. Trump has already said this many times. That even if he loses we pick losers anyway. Unless we pick him and then go us. For what it's worth, I haven't actually met a Trump supporter though that will certainly end tonight at my caucus. 

I did attend one rally yesterday for Marco Rubio. It was good. I liked what he had to say and it was interesting to watch. There were a lot of people standing by me who went just to hear though. The college students in front of me were openly mocking him and proud of the fact they were ineligible to caucus. (They were from Illinois.) But they left right at the end to go see Jeb so I think it was some sort of quest to catch 'em all. There were also two ladies in their late 60s or early 70s standing next to me and we chatted a little, until I expressed that I liked Rubio. (Again, at a Rubio rally) Then they moved away from me like I had the plague and spent the speech shaking their head at him. But power to them all for at least being informed. 

So we'll see how it goes today. I'm curious and I am going to do my part. For those of you in a state where you haven't had all the attack ads and good ads and things: The I Side With  quiz is a good jumping off point to see which individual thinks the most like you. Then you can do more research on specific candidates from there. Better to know than to go with the flow sometimes. 

I'm going to be happy to go back to being a flyover state tomorrow though. (At least until August or September.) 

Friday, January 29, 2016

7QT: Caucus, Money and Other Things

one. Our caucus is on Monday. This is of course specific to here Iowa but almost every major candidate is coming between today and then. In between the political commercials... who am I kidding they're ALL political commercials, I've been giving this ol' caucus thing a lot of thought.

It's dumb.

Iowa has this inflated importance for being first or whatever but other than that it serves no purpose. We should for sure switch to a primary election system. If you've never been to a caucus, they are long and drawn out and the only reason people go is to check a box on the little ballot anyway. Then they want to leave. It's not a secret ballot and did I mention it's long and drawn out?

So we can't bring the kids. Which means only one of the voting individuals in our household can go. Which could be the exact reason the people Iowa tends to pick are wrong. It's because such a small percentage of eligible voters attend and it is a skewed population.

My point is I'm not hanging my hat on who Iowa picks. Unless we somehow pick someone electable in which case, go us!

two. It has been a long week. Quite in contrast to last week where I stayed home every day but Friday I have gone out every single day this week. I am tired. This morning's leaving the house experience did not go especially well but we rebounded strong! But still. TGIF!

three. M had her 15 month well check on Monday and she is healthy and happy. No concerns. She somehow sprouted her molars on the top without me noticing. Bringing the total to 8 teeth. She has been cranky this week boy howdy. I'm going to blame molars. Her pattern of getting teeth has been WILDLY different than C's. C followed the little chart perfectly if not a little on the slow end. M is just doing it her own way.

four. Who's got a fantastic idea on how to get a kid excited about writing? And GO!

five. At school yesterday C made a workout video with his friends. It is my new favorite thing! If it wasn't the largest file ever I would totally post it but it is so I won't. But if you were ever thinking about having your kids make a workout video, I don't care how old they are, I bet you'll get a major kick out of it.

six. Inspired by Colleen and the fact the last form we needed arrived in today's mail, I filed our taxes this afternoon.

seven. My January spending freeze didn't go super well. The first two weeks I didn't spend any money on anything not food/household supplies. Then I slipped a little but each time they were really conscious purchases on things that I would have bought anyway but they were at a really good price. With the exception of pillows for C. 

So I didn't spend no money but I did spend wise money. All in all I am happy with how that went. 

Okay have a great weekend! Link up with Kelly if you want. I like to read them!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday Dinner on a Monday

For all those times when your husband brings home pork tenderloins and you don't know what to do with them*, worry no more.

I made Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin tonight and it was really great. Because it is winter I did not grill my tenderloins. I browned them in the cast iron then stuck in the oven at 425 for 15-20 minutes until the internal temp was 145. I also put pineapple rings on a foil lined pan and baked them at the same time as the pork.

I served my delicious pork with rice, carrots and  Scalloped Pineapple which was something I'd been eyeing since Thanksgiving when someone mentioned it online. It did not disappoint, not at all. It was in fact, so so good. I will be making it again. Probably with pork tenderloin. Or ham.

*It's probably not likely that your husband also brings random cuts of meat home in which case you could just put pork tenderloin on your shopping list.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday. Finally.

It was a long week. Husband was out of town for a training. School was at our house this week. Book club was at our house last night. Which does in fact mean that my house is pretty darn clean, except for C's bedroom which needs a little TLC tonight. 

We had art class today. I am really digging the art class. He makes several projects once a week but it's not at my house and I don't have to buy the supplies. Last week M had a playdate so she didn't have to just sit in the stroller and watch. This week she did, but she was actually really good. The teacher Miss Erin last week was talking to C because one of the crafts was a polar bear. Well he was super excited about it. And she told him that she would do all sorts of arctic animals for class this week. She did not disappoint. 

There is always a snack "craft" and we got to make polar bear cookies. This is actually the example cookie she had on the table since I didn't think to take a picture of his before he dug in. It is a boxed chocolate chip cookie with marshmallow fluff frosted on, big marshmallow slices  for ears and I think chocolate covered raisins for eyes and nose. (I didn't try any to verify what they were.) 

He loves the snack craft every week. It's definitely one of his favorite tables in the room. He is getting really good at spreading frosting/peanut butter/etc on to whatever. I love that he can practice that skill in a fun way. The class is really good about incorporating different skills into the activities.

This is him eating his cookies. I told him to look at the phone and say cheese but he opted for polar bear instead. It was a most fitting choice on his part. You can see his no-longer-swollen-but-still-bruised forehead that is healing nicely. 

We were having so much fun I didn't take any pictures of him actually making his crafts but here they are:

Polar bear painting. That big circle is snowball cam from Polar Bears: Spy On the Ice.Obviously. 

The walrus puppet. He had to get a crayon from the table next to it in order to add whiskers because tusks and whiskers are very important to a walrus fan. 

The Eskimo he was excited about. He just got a toob set for Christmas from his P-Pa and it was arctic animals and included some Eskimos. He did color it a little but he liked gluing the cotton balls on. I didn't make him cut it out because he's not great with the scissors yet and they weren't left handed scissors. I am also left handed and after years of practice, I have perfected  become capable of cutting with right handed scissors. I didn't think I needed to ruin his scissor experience at his age. He can live in denial of right handed scissors for a while longer. 

That bottle you see there I'm not quite sure what it is but it has mineral oil, water and water beads in it. It's fun to shake up and watch. And it looks arctic like. 

Also at class this week was a fishing craft we didn't get to, the water table with water beads in it this week and play-doh as always. It was a super fun class. A perfect capstone to the long week for sure! Happy weekend everyone!