Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4 Weeks

Broken record over here but how have FOUR weeks passed already?! It's so hard to believe!

Going from one kid to two has been a major learning curve for me. There were things I didn't anticipate being hard that seem impossible. (Bath time.) There are things that I anticipated being hard that for the most part have been easy enough. (Making sure C gets enough attention and is still being read to.)

I can safely say that four weeks in we are passed just surviving and we're on our way to thriving! That is certainly not to say there haven't been plenty of weak moments. There have been times when I am brought to tears with how inadequate I've felt. But somehow, our house hasn't fallen into a complete mess. Sure, the living room isn't picked up as often as I'd like but prioritizing has been key for us.

C has been a rock star. There have been fits and he is more attached to his nuki again (we had gotten to just in bed and we've regressed a little bit) but I'm not worried. He genuinely loves M and tries very hard to be helpful. Obviously some days are more helpful than others. My goal for the next few weeks are to reincorporate learning time back into our days.

M is doing well at 4 weeks. She can roll from tummy to back to the left. She is starting to make real eye contact and respond to my voice. When I smile at her she smiles back (my favorite) but she does kind of have discontented resting face right now. She has the most squishy cheeks and I could kiss them all day. She is very different than her brother and while that is 100% okay it has been a major eye opener for me. I am thankful she doesn't cry as loud as C did. Her favorite things include eating and being held. She does a really nice job sleeping at night though so I try to humor her as much as possible with the being held during the day.

She is definitely our kid in that she is all torso with short legs. C was just the same. The result is her newborn clothes are officially a little snug but she is swimming in the 0-3 month clothes. He feet don't go anywhere near the feet in footie pajamas. 

Look at all that extra fabric waiting to be filled in.

From a few minutes ago. She has since woken up. 
As for me and Husband we are good too. 

All in all, it's crazy that it's been 4 weeks already!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Warm and Toasty

Well I sort've dropped the ball on the Week in My Life posts. Friday/Saturday/Sunday just kind of fell by the wayside. Oops. But no bother, the first 4 days were a pretty good overview on my life. Honestly, it's that my normal blogging time is either in the morning or during rest time. And typically M doesn't let me do much else but hold her during those times.

And I could stay up to write but I'm going to be honest, in our newborn parenting stage we have become senior citizens and the entire household is upstairs in bed by 9:00 nightly.

But right now she's sleeping without being held so I am going to try and pound out a post quick.

First the big news: our house is warm!! Our furnace has gotten slowly more and more temperamental and we had the guy come out and look at it yesterday. This is kind of a long complicated story but I'll make it quick.

The guy came out at 8:30 and by 9:30 gave us a clean bill of health on the furnace and was on his way. Only for the furnace to act up and die by 10:00. He came back about 11:45 (we called right away) and was with us until 2:30 making sure the furnace was playing along and working well. So to the tune of $700 our house is warm and cozy. Totally worth it. Plus, that cost also includes a check and cleaning of the air conditioning come spring.

We also ordered our Saran Wrap the windows kits (you know what I'm talking about right? When you use a hair dryer to shrink Saran wrap to make windows not drafty?) off of Amazon. (SO much cheaper than Home Depot or the Ace Hardware store prices.) So we'll be able to do that this weekend and the house will be even warmer.

In other news M's baptism is officially scheduled. After a very complicated process with some disorganized individuals in the Parish office I am very happy to say it all worked out great and I am looking forward to next weekend! It's handy we could combine it with our Thanksgiving weekend when my family is in town anyhow.

It snowed over the weekend. Not a lot, just about an inch but C very much enjoyed it. He got to play outside on Sunday for a while and LOVED that. The only thing about the snow is that he is fairly convinced that snow = Christmas. So he wants to watch Christmas movies and sing Christmas songs. He would also like a Christmas tree. I have given in on the movies and music but I am holding out on the tree until after Thanksgiving!

With that, M has woken up so I should go rescue her. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prepare to Be Bored: My Everyday Life

I've done the vague overview of my day and then two stories from my day. Today we get the full on what one of my days is like post. There's only going to be one because at this point in life every day is pretty much the same. My days are really not exciting. But there's a certain beauty in the monotony of my every day. 

Husband woke me up at 7. This is actually new to this week. Prior to the arrival of M in our world I would sleep until 8 and C would play in his room or in our room and let me. Now I have to be on my A-game all day so being conscious before Husband leaves is a good thing.

We went through our new-typical morning routine where everyone does their own thing and we all make it downstairs by 7:30. Husband washed some dishes for me before his departure. I "made" a breakfast for C. He gets a blueberry Nutragrain bar. And milk. Apparently my child is being sustained on Nutragrain bars as that was his "main item" for dinner last night as well. I suppose there are worst things to eat every day.

The morning passed with little of interest. We played cars and animals. We read books. We changed diapers and while we're down on the floor we do tummy time. And I had to bribe C with pictures of tractors (Google Image Search) to get out of M's car seat and bring her nuki back while I fed her. Yesterday it was the rock n play. I think he's just testing me.

We got okay mail. A card from my Grandpa. An American Girl catalog. No bills. Some junk. What am I saying? That is a GREAT mail day.

I turned on Despicable Me. There comes a time every day where I just need to get something done and that is where Despicable Me comes in. I do try to keep the TV off for the rest of the day to make up for this assembly of minions. During the movie I folded the laundry I washed and dried yesterday and M did more tummy time. C quoted the movie to me and unfolded everything in his pile. 

After refolding the pile I started prepping lunch. The menu included shrimp poppers, green beans, corn and apple slices. I was trying to use up our Connell Reds because it's not my favorite apple variety. We ate and C actually ate one of the shrimp poppers. For a kid who eats little to no meat it was a rare sight.

Because I was feeding M, I got C up for rest time late. (1:10) The result is 30 minutes of him not in his bed while M fed on the other side. I am not good enough at nursing yet to be able to just wander around the house so I hollered but eventually put M down and went up to put him to bed. After I tucked him in for the second time he asked to sing the Sunshine song. (You are my Sunshine) We sang it 3 times. Once he helped sings, once I sing his own special C version and once just normal but by myself. He wanted to sing Baby Beluga but I just said I love you and have a good rest, This was enough to get him to sleep. Ten minutes late to nap sure puts a spoke in his wheel though.

I came back downstairs and because M was sleeping I started to clean and tidy the living room. I got about 7 minutes in and M woke up. We snuggled and M took a nap snuggled on me. I may have dozed off but mostly just perused the internet. I did make a phone call and send some emails out so it was not an entirely unproductive rest. With 15 minutes left of rest time I put M in the rock n play so I could finish getting things clean. The room is driving me nuts so even if it's a complete mess just a little later it will be worth it to me to have it clean for a few minutes. After I got the floor picked up I dusted the coffee table and television. The sticky hand prints were no match for Pledge Multi-Surface!

At 4:00 I woke up C. He is a beast because his nap was almost an hour short. I bribed him downstairs with the prospect of vacuuming! He bought it. We vacuumed and life was good.

We Skyped with my brother at college. Then we looked at pictures of penguins. Google image searches are pretty nifty for distracting/entertaining/appeasing 2 year olds.

We read his new dragon book and looked at pictures on my phone. Husband called right in the middle of that which brought on a total meltdown. Husband got home. We (M and I) Skyped with my dad while C had a fit. (No idea why.) Then we all convened to the kitchen to make dinner. C was still throwing a fit so I thought we could bake a cake. That didn't work well. He had to go to time out for a bit with Husband. When he was back under control, the cake went in the oven. Husband made eggs, bacon and blueberry pancakes for dinner and C licked the beater.

Since he was already messy we added some blueberry syrup to his pancake. He did a good job eating it AND had 2 pieces of bacon. It was a record setting meat eating day for him. Al Roker has weather forecasts but C had meat eating!

After dinner we all went immediately upstairs for showers. C went first. He may or may not have revolted when it wasn't his turn anymore. I got to go next and then M. Once we were all in pajamas and smelling good, we went back downstairs for the last few minutes of Wheel of Fortune.

We sort of watched The Big Bang Theory, or rather it was on. It is hard to watch shows with toddlers and newborns around. Plus... central time zone is dumb because shows start before bedtime! So during that there was more reading and playing.

We Skyped with my parents until Husband to C to bed at 8:00, right on time. After I was done talking to my mom, we got ready to go upstairs for the night. I frosted the cake and put the lid on it and the last 3 members headed up the steps.

We updated some addresses on our spreadsheet because we have birth announcements to send. Now it is 10:22 and I am going to hit publish and go to sleep!

And that was my Thursday in a nutshell. I make no apologies but it wasn't a super exciting day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And I Feel Good

This morning I was minding my own business on the couch. I was holding my favorite 3-week-old. (Seriously, it's been 3 weeks already! It's going warp speed!) We were, of course, watching Despicable Me because my favorite 2 year old loves to watch the minions. 

Through the blinds came a sunbeam and it was directly in my eyes. Most people would be annoyed by this. I did, in fact, find it distracting but I just embraced my sunbeam. The day after M was born, Husband went to work and my mom came and sat with us at the hospital for the day. Our room had a big window and it was sunny. 

As it happens, my mom and I have a philosophy which basically says to enjoy sunbeams. We just close our eyes and hum. In fact I am under strict instructions, when my mom is old and senile, to spritz her with perfume, wheel her into a sunbeam and put a piece of chocolate in her mouth. Needless to say we quickly indoctrinated Little Miss M into our "enjoy the sunbeam" group. 

My mom even made up a song called "In my Sunbeam." 

So this morning when the sun was shining, I just held my girl and closed my eyes and hummed. 

Look at that gorgeous sunbeam!
It is cold here now. With no end in sight. Definitely too cold to go play in the yard just yet. (I mean I guess technically we could all bundle up but that takes a lot more effort than I am willing to put in at 8:00 AM.)

Besides, we were watching Despicable Me. 

So I just enjoyed the sunbeam. I even sang "And the sun shines just for me, and I feel good." Are you a Boy Meets World Fan? No? 

I'm not crazy. It's just one of the funniest episodes. Here. I'll stick the video in here. If you are not a "video in a post" kind of person I'll tell you that the song I am talking about is in the first 35 seconds of this episode.

And this morning? This cold Wednesday morning, the sun was shining just for me and I did feel good. I am glad I took the time to just enjoy it too because a little while later I would go and make my oatmeal and when I got back the clouds had overtaken the sun. 

But my heart is still in that moment. Snuggling a baby, a cheerful toddler and a sunbeam. Life is good. Days are made of the little perfect moments. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Week in my life 2014 continues... 

Tuesday. Oh Tuesday.

Today started off tired. 

There wasn't a lot of sleep to be had last night. When we woke up the roof and the car had a dusting of snow. I don't hate snow but I was relieved it wasn't "get out there and shovel" snow. And seeing the gloomy, wet and cold outside didn't make me any more awake.

Today there was love. 

C said "Nice Baby Mer-mith. A nice face. So nice." While he patted her head gently.

I have oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day. It's cheap. It's hot. It's filling. I like it. I finished the container the other day. We buy our oatmeal at Sam's Club so there's always more to fill it back up. But when I went to grab it to take it to the basement to fill it up Husband had already done it for me. Small gestures with big meanings.

Today there was relief. 

M had 2 really dirty diapers. She is not an "after every feed" baby. She is a once a day baby.

C ate something besides fruit. A Nutra-grain bar. Some yogurt. Some crackers and a piece of cheese. Even some salad at dinner. There was plenty of fruit consumed as well if you were worried. You probably weren't.

Dinner prep was easy because we still have a few frozen meals. Today was the perfect day for ravioli and marinara.

Today there was crying. 

Darn that Netflix finally putting Season 10 of Grey's Anatomy in the queue. I was not emotionally prepared to say goodbye to Cristina Yang today but I hit play anyway and cried my way through. It really is one of the best episodes of all time. But so many feels.

C let some tears flow after nap because he wasn't ready to wake up yet. M cried a lot. But to be fair that's kind of her only possibility for communication at this point in her life. So I didn't take it personally. I generally don't take crying personally because my kids are 2 and 20 days old.

Today there was happiness.

C danced to "All About the Bass" around the living room. It's his favorite song and one of my favorite activities to watch. Just pure joy radiating from the group at that point.

M rolled over three times. It might have been chalked up to a fluke but she did it three times in a row. Yes it was tummy to back which is the easier roll but hey... at 20 days old it's still pretty exciting stuff!

We read the Pigeon books as a family on C's bed before bedtime. When all four of us are on one double bed reading out loud, that's pretty much my heart spilling over.

Today there were diapers changed. Toys picked up. Naps. Squirting juice boxes. A shower for mom. Work for dad. (He took a shower too.) Wheel of Fortune viewing as a family. A Skype session with Grandma and Grandpa. Today was pretty much like any other day. But it was the only 11.11.14 we're going to get so that made it magical and special in it's own right.

Today was everything it was supposed to be. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

WIML: Finding My Humble

It's the start of Week in My Life Linkup (WIML) hosted by Kathryn over at Team Whitaker. It's basically a week of posts with little insights into how your life works. And... if you miss a day, that's OKAY!

I don't know that I will want to remember this week specifically. I am safely passed the crazy foggy stage but not so far into "new normal I've got it figured out" stage. But since this is only M's nineteenth day in the big world there are most certainly moments I will probably forget and moments that I should really savor.

Today I coming to terms with something I should not forget. This is about my daily dose of humbling. It is not necessarily specific to today. But it did happen today. It happens every day.

C likes to look at the pictures on phones. My phone specifically, since it is 99% pictures of him. He is ever so modest and refers to this super fun activity as "Cute Boy Pictures." It is a request that comes up every day but is also a bribe to stop tantrums. If he's jumping on the bed while M is nursing, the easiest solution is handing over the phone and watching those adorable chubby toddler fingers scroll through all the pictures. He likes to narrate the process.

"Baby Sis-Sis!"

"Balloons. Mom. Balloons!"

"A Walrus!"

Mixed in with these toddler treasures are videos. Those are even more precious than the many amazing (most are not amazing) pictures. The first video you come to is C singing "It's A Small World" while he recreates the ride with his  counting bears. Through the gallery they pop up at random exposing little tidbits of our life.

But when you get to the pictures from our trip to see the walrus  interspersed in the pictures of walrus, orangutans and other creatures is a video from the dolphin show. We of course watch it every time we get there because C likes to watch the dolphins jump.

I hate the dolphin show video. I keep saying I am going to delete it from my phone. There are two reasons I hate it. First, the volume of the music at the dolphin show was loud so the volume of the video is also loud. And secondly, about 20 seconds into the video, I hiss at Husband (who was the one recording at the time) "Don't record, it'll waste the battery." Then the video stops abruptly.

Oh. It just makes my blood run cold. Here we were spending time away as a family like I had requested, Husband was just trying to capture some moments to bring home with us and I was concerned about the battery life on my phone. And I wasn't even nice about it.

So now, on a daily basis, I get to hear myself rudely proclaiming that the phone's battery was more precious than our time together. It might not seem all that bad to you. It really isn't me at my worst, it's just definitely not me at my best. That, actually, is the reason I haven't yet deleted from my phone. Because every time I listen to myself say "Don't record, it'll waste the battery" my heart is softened.

I get a little more patient with the toddler who won't eat anything but fruit and is overtired but won't sleep. (That would be as I am writing this. And by a little more patient I took a breath, said a prayer and didn't bellow his name to guilt him back into bed.)

I find a little more love for the man who married me by choice and four years later still hasn't decided he's sick of me. Even if I do snap at him in my weak moments.

So I leave the video on there, even though it makes me cringe, because I need to get over myself and love my family more. A daily dose of humble is a good thing my friends. It's the medicine that makes the sugar seem all that more sweet. And today in my humbled state I am spending the evening with my best girl and being thankful for her existence while my favorite two guys are off playing at the museum.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy 2 Weeks!

Like all parents of newborns I find myself in extreme disbelief that two weeks has already passed. Seriously we were just in the hospital!

We are doing pretty well though.  Meredith has no sense of a schedule formed yet, so I am still available to cater to her every whim. Which usually involves eating. As of this morning she is back to birth weight plus two ounces. According to the nurse her head grew a centimeter and she shrunk about half an inch too. At least the margin of error on a scale is slim. 

Because of her good weight gain we officially have permission to let her sleep at night as long as six hours before we have to wake her. Not that I actually think we'll make it that far, The longest stretch between feedings so far was just almost five hours but the sleep I got was great that day. I look forward to seeing how long she'll sleep if I don't have to wake her up. Usually at night I am waking her up every three to four hours. (The almost five hour stretch was, perhaps, a mom hitting the snooze button in a sleepy haze of confusion.) 

Election coverage wasn't nearly as thrilling for M. 
She likes to be swaddled but with her arms out. Keeping her arms in is bad news unless you like crying babies. She also, like most babies, prefers to be snuggled but does do okay sleeping on her own.

Her umbilical cord stump fell off so she was able to have her first real bath. It went surprisingly well. C always liked the bath but M doesn't like diaper changes, wardrobe changes or her sponge baths so I was shocked that she didn't cry or fuss during the real bath. 

My babies are definitely siblings! 

C is doing a great job as a big brother. There are weak moments every day of course and 4:30-6:30 are even more witching hours than usual but we are survivors. He does like her and we are working on using her name instead of calling her "Baby Sis-Sis." He is usually pretty darn good with her though and has been helpful at bringing things to me. (The boppy/remotes/my phone/wipes etc.) 

As far as I'm concerned I have sleepier days and more alert days. I am sleepy today but that is my fault for staying up late to watch election results. We are staying on top of the laundry and keeping the house cleanish. And I have thank you notes to write but I think I will be able to whip a lot of those out today! 

And that's what's going on in our neck of the woods.