Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Two Totally Random Awesome Happenings

If you're a long time reader (HA!) then you may have seen that we've been doing the animal cams a lot lately. We tune into the penguins a lot. Yesterday was the coolest time yet. There were three penguins and they were arguing in their penguin tongue (there is sound on the above ground cam so you can hear them) and they were right up close to the camera. They looked right at the camera a couple of times even. 


It was really interesting to watch. Way better than sleeping penguins. We will continue to tune in and keep you update on any notable events. 

Also last night this happened: 

My first post-baby drink! Yes it has been 5 months. We're not really big into the drinking but I do enjoy an occasional adult beverage. I was holding out for my frozen strawberry margarita and last night the opportunity presented itself.  

And a good time was had. 

These two things have nothing in common other than they happened yesterday and I thought they were good. 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Now It's Not

My life is a series of "Now it's not."

It was Spring for 2.5 seconds. Now it's not. Though we got next to no snow so I'll just be over here happily counting my chickens and lamenting slightly quieter than normal because ain't nobody got time for that!

The house used to be clean. Now it's not. For real, it's a never ending battle. Bills and house cleaning. I dusted this morning and was all like "I just did this." Only no. It was a week ago. Lordy.

The baby used to be sleeping. Now she's not. But no one is shocked by this because apparently getting little girls to sleep in their crib involves 6 master degrees and a diploma from Hogwarts.

My son used to nap. Now he doesn't. Woah. Life changing in a life is harder but I can do it kind of way.

This is kind of a worthless post but I'm going to post it anyway because that's what's on my mind and I can if I want to.

I can't believe it's only Tuesday!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy 5 Months!

Dear Little Girl,

Hi Honey! What a joy you've brought to us in such a short little bit. My heart just explodes when we lock eyes and you just beam at me. I love hearing your giggles and your "talking." I am slightly less fond of your Velociraptor screeches but at least you get your point across.

We have settled into a pretty good routine as a family. You fit in just perfectly. You continue to insist that dinner is a time for us all and demand to be right there in the action. We are happy to have you even if you are a little grabby. I have no doubt you will really enjoy "real" food next month.

It's amazing how I would bet even now that you are right handed. You just strongly prefer the right. I'm not sure how this will work teaching you to write but we will learn together. You are pushing up to your hands and sometimes your knees as well. You can get to most places by rolling and spinning but I know it won't be long before you are crawling around the house. I love watching you learn to sit. You do a very good job so don't let me tell you otherwise but it's still funny to watch you folded in half.
Showing off her planks. Practically a crossfitter.

The biggest fun of the past month has been you discovering the exersaucer. You were definitely more timid than you brother but now it is your favorite time of day. You can really get going rocking and bouncing, Of course chewing on the elephant is the highest priority and everything else is just gravy.
I love snuggling you. The highlight of my days is knowing that I can smell your baby smell and just kiss those smooshy cheeks. I could nom on you all day and sometimes I do. I legitimately missed my little barnacle last night during your sleep training. I know it will be good for us but it's a hard change for both of us.

How could you not want to snuggle that face?
"Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" is your jam. I don't know why but I am happy to oblige. You have officially gotten over the car seat hatred which is delightful.  You also met Elmo this past month and you are pretty sure that he is the bomb diggity or something else wonderful. I really enjoy watching you interact with your brother. You clearly adore him and just want to be part of the action. Soon enough little girl there will be no stopping you.

Currently you are holding steady in size two diapers and 3-6 month clothes. I bought you a pair of shoes for the summer in 6-9 month size (3) and they won't fit for a long time I don't think. But you could surprise us all and have a massive growth spurt tomorrow, who knows?
We are lucky to have you little girl and we love you so much. Happy 5 months!


Saturday, March 21, 2015


Just writing a little blip to keep my mind occupied. Tonight on the eve of my baby turning 5 months old we have started sleep training.

We don't follow a method. We're not CIO people or Ferber or what have you. We are just tired. Survival mode has certainly passed yet it still feels like we are in survival mode with the sleep.

M is certainly different from her brother who was always very easy. Or maybe we're just different in our parenting. Either way, we had fallen into some bad sleep habits and so had she. Pretty much she had to be nursing or at least held to fall asleep and if you moved all bets were off. She's still waking up every 2-4 hours usually closer to 2.

We hit a crisis last night when she would NOT go back to sleep at 4:00 and Husband took her for a walk until 5:30 just so she would sleep.

So we set up a new bedtime routine... to basically have a set bedtime routine. For real, a lot of her problems are our fault. We know. And we are 100% kicking her out of our room. We took the pack n play down so there's no turning back. Well I suppose there technically is, but it will at least put a spoke in our wheel. An added bonus is our very small room now seems massive.

So for the next few weeks we are in sleeping boot camp. Naps and bedtime are going to be strict and we are going to train our little girl to fall asleep on her own in her own space.

Honestly it's very weird for her to not be in my arms right now and I am a little wigged out. But it is best for everyone if we all get some sleep. Since her 7:00 bedtime we have gone in five times but not since 8:47! (I am keeping a sleep log per recommendations so I can track patterns.)

It's a brave new world.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Not Even 7 Quick Takes!

Friday. Quick Takes. And go!

1. First day of Spring! Also my Grandpa's birthday.

2. Yesterday I was kind of on a roll. I washed a load and stuck it in the dryer. Then I hand washed a few dishes and loaded the dishwasher and got that running. I did some tidying and vacuuming on the main floor. And I made and cleaned up lunch. Then M started fussing so I picked her up and it was blowout city. So I got her cleaned up, took the lining off of the rock n play and brought it down with the outfit and changing pad to wash...

And a bottle of Tide was apparently knocked off the top of the dryer when it was turned on. Tide everywhere. And the cap was clear across the room. I honestly wish I had seen it because the cap was so far away I legitimately have no idea how it's possible.

So I cleaned up the tide. Got the other load going and brought up the now dry laundry to fold. But I am glad I found the Tide when it was easy to clean. Thankful for a blowout? Silver lining to a blowout we'll say.

3. We almost made it. Nearly. But no. In that last hour of winter sickness descended upon our house. Everything seems okay this morning so far. Except that I am tired. *fingers crossed* The upside there? It was the first time all Winter he was sick.

4. It's March Madness. As in: the time of year I randomly pick teams to win or lose on the online tournament thing. You can't lose if you don't really care.

5. I made banana pancakes for lunch. They were perfectly cooked and delicious. I also still have batter left so there's a chance I will be having banana pancakes for dinner.

6 and 7. I've got nothing. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Animal Cams


It's been quiet on the blog front this week for no real good reason. Monday was almost 80 degrees. Certainly an outlier for our March but we were not about to waste it. We didn't even nap! (Not for lack of trying but that's another story.) We played outside and had a really good time. I even managed to pick up a good chunk of the sticks that littered my yard.

Then real Spring weather set in but even those temps have been delightful! Anything beats cold at this time of year right?

But the real reason for lack of posting is that the computer has been all animals, all the time. Our local zoo, which isn't super great but way better than nothing at all opens next week. I was online looking to see when it would be opening and we looked at all the pictures and talked about it.

That led us down the rabbit hole of zoo web cams.

All zoo web cams are not created equal. The Sea World webcams are probably the best (because, hello for profit!) and include 3 different penguin cams, above ground, shallow and deep. Deep water is my favorite but the resident toddler prefers them "in the snow." *ahem* Above ground.

The Walrus cam at the Indianapolis Zoo has been down much to our chagrin. The National Zoo Panda cam is pretty good too. They clearly have someone sitting there following the Panda. Maybe some deal with China so they can be checked in on at all times, though how would you like that job? The web camera man for a Panda?

I can only vouch for the Elephant and Panda at the National Zoo because the others currently require Internet Explorer currently. I expect since IE is being phased out the other animals will be available as well.

The most elusive animal to capture via webcam is apparently the tiger. There are Tigers at the Minnesota Zoo but they've always been hard to spot because their exhibit is huge and has lots of places for them to hide. I am learning that tigers generally must not want to be witnessed much. I don't really blame them but for the sake of mothers everywhere doing this exact same thing I wish they would pop out every once in a while.

I hope you all have good Thursdays!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bubbles and Pi: Theme Days

In a way to mix it up I decided to invent some theme days to enhance C's learning. So on Friday we had Bubble Day. We started with a viewing of "Pluto's Bubble Bath" then proceeded to do some bubble painting. 

Bubble painting is very fun! (And a little messy with toddlers.) If you have not experienced the joy of bubble painting you mix tempera paint, water and a little dish soap in a small container. Then you blow bubbles into the mixture until they're above the container and you smush the paper on them to make art. 

We followed up the messy activity with a bubble bath of course!

Then we had a bubble themed lunch! PB tortilla bubbles, a "popped bubble" Cutie and mini pea bubbles. 

After rest time we then blew bubbles and with our bubble machine had a bubble dance party. I think it was all in all pretty successful! 

Then yesterday was Pi Day and a really fancy one at that! 3.14.15 9:26:53 so we decided to celebrate. We had pizza pie for dinner and homemade blueberry pie for dessert. 

C helped make the blueberry pie. It was my very first go at a lattice crust and it was pretty successful for the first time out. I took away some good lessons to do a better job next time too!

So those were our theme days. I am hoping to do more in the future. Maybe book based. We'll see!