Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Times They Are A Changing

So the powers that be are raising the price of Amazon Prime. Our subscription just renewed actually so I have a long while before I will need to make the decision to stay or go. About 2 months ago there was no bigger Amazon advocate than myself. Love my Kindle, love the Kindle Fire, love the shipping, love the ease and enjoy the free streaming of shows I would actually watch. And it is cheaper than Netflix.

But then we got Netflix anyway. Because we don't have cable or anything like that. And the magical 2 day shipping has turned into 3-4 day shipping lately. And the price for 1 day shipping has gone WAY WAY up. When I ordered my carpet cleaner it came in 1 day for $3.99. That's amazing. It's not like that anymore.

At the new price it is $8.25 a month, which isn't that bad really, but we'll have to see if I think it's worth it in February. It may be as Sam's Club not only got rid of my Mac and Cheese but has clearly transitioned from the P&G diapers I like (Luvs and Pampers) to Huggies.

Everyone's got their own opinions on diapers I know but here's the run down quick for me: I haven't have any issue with Pampers or Luvs at all. Husband and I unanimously dislike the waist band on Huggies, they were complicated on an infant I could not imagine wrestling a toddler down long enough to get them right. The Sam's Club diapers we were stuck with when Sam's was out of Luvs and Pampers in size 4 and I will never buy them again. Can you say droopy drawers and leaks? And while I actually know a lot a lot a lot about cloth diapers because of all you lovely blog mamas, they're not for me.

So... it is possible I will get diapers from Amazon as they are priced only $2 more than Sam's. But the normal price per diaper at Target is only a penny more and with a coupon that could turn out to be a better bet. I guess I'll take it one box at a time.

And with all this talk about my consumerism choices this week I will sign off and wish you all a Happy Thursday!

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  1. Yeah, I kind of dislike Amazon now, they raised the free shipping limit to $35 from $25 for us non-Prime members. It's harder to get $35 worth of products when I'm just buying fun things.

    As far as diapers go (although we now only use them at night) I always buy the Target brand. I never had an issue with them. Hated the Walmart brand, so I imagine Sams is similar. But I'm the opposite, I prefer Huggies over Pampers because I HATE the smell of Pampers and Luvs. Blech. I don't see the point of putting fragrance in diapers. Once they are peed or pooped in your smell it anyways. And I guess since I did cloth diaper I feel the less chemicals etc the better.


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