Monday, March 10, 2014

What I Learned About Laundry and Love

I don't know why, but of all the chores I've never really minded the laundry. Truthfully, I do not sort, I just throw it all in together unless I am washing something red for the first time. But that is besides the point my friends.

This past week I cleaned up our laundry area. I wish it was a noble reason like, say, 40 bag for 40 days but really it was just because it was bothering me. I also cleaned the washer and dryer. Which needed it and also was strangely satisfying. I often don't think to wash the things I use to clean but now I may take this new found clean everything routine and work on the dishwasher next.

I know acts of service is a love language, oddly it isn't one of ours necessarily. I do like to do things to show love for my family and keeping the laundry clean is one of the easiest things I can do. I love the smell of clean laundry. Love it. Cherish it. If I go to the store I walk down the laundry stuff aisle. Even at Walgreens.

I don't really miss the days of the laundromat in grad school though it was convenient to do all the loads all at once. I never could relax enough to leave while my clothes were washing/drying and with the lovely smell it made for a delightful placed to read or study. I always had an idea of writing a musical that took place in a laundromat but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Other than the scent I could never figure out why it was that I enjoy laundry. It really is a task some people just hate. Especially the folding and putting away part. Then it occured to me that it was something I get from my mom. (My dad too but definitely my mom first.) She always did our laundry and always without complaint. My parent's house has a main floor laundry room and I definitely covet that fact these days. I make do however, what's 9 steps anyhow?

This is not my laundry room. But I like it.
Mine looks way more like a nice washer and dryer in a basement. 

Her act of love in doing my laundry for all those years (and still even now when we visit) really influenced me I suspect. People always say that children learn by example--and the example of doing laundry happily made a difference in my life. I thoroughly enjoy the laundry. And my mother set such a strong example of serving without complaint. I remember when I first started doing laundry or I would try to get the clothes from the dryer and fold them for my mom. I wanted to help her out in the same way she helped me. It made me really stop and think about what I do around the house and how I go about it. I am sure I am setting a good example with the laundry but I am not setting C up for doing the dishes very well.

Perspective. It's a wonderous thing. What if we all made sure to move through our daily actions making a concious choice to set a good example? Certainly, few of us set out to be a bad example, but I bet there is something we could all improve to encourage and train up our children to be better adults.

Even in college I never had a problem walking down the hall to the laundry room to put in a load. Others would complain, some more would let their clothes sit wrinkled in baskets until the next time they did laundry--I happily folded and put away. Perhaps I was being a good example for the girls of the second floor. Who knows? But I can certainly continue to be a good example for my family.

It's the little things you know? The little things of a laundry list of things around the house. Pun fully intended. But that my friends is where love really is. Warm, clean towels folded with love.


  1. I've never really minded laundry either. I felt like it's something I can multitask and do while other things are getting done. Like homeschooling while the laundry slowly works at getting accomplished while I'm away.

    Thank you for the reminder to make the choice to serve in love today. Mondays always seem to be the day that it's a bit harder to make the good, loving choice.

  2. Loved this, my friend.
    I am a laundry lover. It is my hobby, I think.; )
    With six of us, I do laundry every day. And I love it.
    Like you, I find joy and comfort in doing this for my family.
    My Peyton likes to fold. My Madson. Not so much. Rhett? Please. But Flynn is already showing an interest. She likes to pour in the "sugar".
    Happy to throw in a load.

  3. Hi! I'm here from Conversion Diary and clicked over to this post. I feel similarly about laundry, as a household task I kind of relish it. Thanks for your thoughts! Just the thought of one of my children trying to help me by folding the laundry before I get to it makes me tear up a little ;)


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