Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Musings on Macaroni

The first time it happened I thought it was a fluke.

At Sam's Club certain things cycle in and out and often the restock is on the complete other side of the store really high up and they don't want to close an aisle to bring in a skid loader etc. I get it.

But when we went a month later and they were still out, not just out but there wasn't even a spot or a lable for where it should be, and my heart lurched into my throat. I will miss you Daily Chef Macaroni and Cheese.

I know that everyone swears by Kraft or Annie's depending on your crunchiness level, but I have very specific mac and cheese needs that are not met by those brands. You see, I do not care for, what I lovingly call "cheese food." The term cheese food comes from a very funny moment at summer camp, but I digress. 

Cheeze-Its, Goldfish, Cheez-Whiz, Doritos, Cheetos and those orange crackers with cheese stuff in them? I get squirmy just thinking about them. I do not like them and avoid them at all costs. Buying Goldfish for C is truly an act of bravery and supreme love for me because when his little cheese stained mouth comes after me for a kiss or a sip of water I am pretty sure I die a little. 

So when we have Kraft or Annie's, though, I'll be honest, I can't bring myself to buy Annie's. Partly because my in-laws go on and on and on and on about it and I'm a little like "let's just calm down now" Then also partly because it's just way way more expensive and I am at crunchy level .5, so not at all crunchy. 

So when we have Kraft, I wind up only using 2/3 of the cheese packet because you know how sometimes there are spots where the cheese hasn't disolved in the heat/milk/butter and there's a clump on a noodle or 2? That is a circle in hell for me. I combat that by using less cheese and more milk and usually it works out fine. But then I am spending $9 for 12 boxes and not using all the cheese powder. 

So spending $6 for 12 boxes and not using all the cheese powder makes way more sense to me, hence, the daily chef. I generally prefer the generic mac and cheeses anyhow, for exactly the reason most people buy name brand: they aren't as cheesy! Having my generic option ripped from my hands at the only warehouse store available to me in the area (I'd love a Costco but I'm not driving 45+ minutes to get to one when Sam's is 3 mintes away.) was cruel and sad. 

In fact they used to have a different kind of generic and it was REALLY good, but that went away about a year ago so we upgraded ($1 more) to the Daily Chef. (Sam's Brand) Now, for the low low price of $3 more per 12 pack I am stuck with Kraft and throwing away cheese powder. I'm going to have to check the grocery stores to see if there's a good generic with a decent price available. 

More work. No rest for the weary. Not that I am really weary just lazy, it was so easy to stick a box in my cart at Sam's and call it good. Ah well... that is life. 


  1. Okay, on this we couldn't be more opposite! I love that little extra bit of cheese that doesn't get completely dissolved, it is like a little bit of cheese paradise on a spoon. :) And although I probably a similar rating on the crunchiness scale as you, I do splurge and buy Annie's because I think their cheesiness (powder form and all) is superior to Kraft. This is a recent phenomenon and truly I think is just a really weird pregnancy craving because we probably go through 2-3 Annie's boxes of mac & cheese a week. Yes, I say I make it under the guise of Elizabeth loving Mac & Cheese. But come on, a 2 year olds' palate is not that developed and she is fine with eating any mac & cheese. No it is all me.

    That being said, we are visiting family today and they had *gasp* generic mac & cheese for lunch and not only did Elizabeth gobble it down (2 bowls)...which is not a surprise to me, I enjoyed it as well. I guess maybe I can do without the exorbitant price of Annie's and settle for the generic. It seems Baby Titus is not particular when it comes to processed cheese powder. :)

  2. I hate any and all mac and cheese so I can offer no sympathy or support for you! :) I do love me some Doritos though!

  3. Hahaha I also kind of love the extra cheese that doesn't mix in... I'm weird, I know. But I also love golfish, puffy cheetos, etc. I'll have to see if our Sam's has that type, I never noticed! I always buy Kraft, but honestly if they had the generic I'd probably buy it.


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